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However, with Perian only supporting older versions of WMA and now no longer being developed, Flip4Mac is set to become the most logical choice for users, especially because it is officially endorsed by Microsoft and effectively, the official Windows Media Player for Mac. The difference from the previous version of Flip4Mac however is that it now leaves a watermark in the top right-hand corner of QuickTime although Telestream say they hope this will be gone when the public beta is released.

Flip Player doesn't feature this watermark with the additional bonus that it has some powerful added extras although many of them are only available in the Pro version. The free version of Flip Player in Flip4Mac 3.

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Instead, the player controls only appear when you move the mouse cursor over it. Flip Player also includes a new "Dim Lights" feature which neatly darkens everything around it so that you focus on just the video.

Microsoft endorsed WMV player for Mac

Playback controls are enhanced with slow motion options and most functions can be performed using keyboard shortcuts. For Final Cut Pro users, it creates a ProRes file that automatically sets the correct dimensions and native video codec that fit with project settings. You can even export sound from your favorite videos to an iPhone ringtone and use the trimming features to refine it. If you want to change the general plugin settings of Flip4Mac 3.

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There are several different configurations options including for the Flip Player media browser, upgrade, update and plugin settings. Note that Flip4Mac 3. The benefit of this is that Flip4Mac 3.

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However, audio codecs are bit now. Overall, the introduction of Flip Player is the major innovation in Flip4Mac 3.

50 Mac Essentials #10: Flip4Mac WMV Player

It offers some powerful features that aren't available in the free version of QuickTime, and it's very well designed to suit the look of OS X. However, it lacks some of the features of QuickTime such as screen recording and some users may feel it's not quite as slick as Apple's own player. This is best conversion ever helping me to play my slide presentation for medical students. Did not work. Flip4Mac does not work - period!. Flip4Mac does not work. I paid for it. I have done everything that people on the various fora suggest.

It does not work. I am sick and tired of software manufacturers selling sub-standard products. This program failed to install. It doesn't appear to have an update - looks like a rip-off!!!!! This is NOT free software!. The installer requires you to purchase a license before it'll allow you to install anything. Play Windows Media files. Includes all the features of Player Pro, and adds the ability to create standard definition up to X WMV files using preset templates and custom WMV encoding profiles.

Support for current and future versions of macOS. Play back your Windows Media content and convert the content into any output format that Switch supports. Switch Plus and Pro can play back all commonly used media formats and adds the ability to convert media into Windows Media files. If you own a Flip4Mac license and want to add features, use these upgrade paths to receive credit for your previous purchase. Click the lock icon, enter an administrator name and password to make changes to the upgrade settings. When the purchase is complete your serial number is automatically entered and activated.

You will receive an order confirmation via email containing your serial number. Save this receipt in case you need to re-install the software or re-enter the serial number.

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