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  1. MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Review & Swatches
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I ordered my tube sight unseen without even reading any reviews on it. I was so sure that it was going to be really good. It has to be awesome right?! And it is! The product was formulated for all skin types and is oil-free , scent-free , and non-acnegenic. The first aspect I'd like to touch on is the color match. And it turned out to be a pretty good match, if only I let it oxidize a little bit first. My arm swatches below show the foundation freshly applied compared to the one applied 5 minutes earlier.

Look at my swatches below. Even when the foundation is freshly dispensed, it's still a tad bit darker than the concealer even though they are both NC As you can see in my face photo below. It covers redness around my nose and mouth really well. Pores on the inner cheeks are also blurred out perfectly. Dark circles under my eyes are less distinct. Acne and pigmented spots on my cheeks are diffused and concealed. Skin tone overall looks more even and less textured. All of these while still looking skin-like! No cakiness or heaviness. Color me super impressed! I also tested if it repels water by jumping in the pool and submerging my face under the water here and there for about a half hour.

It didn't budge!

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Review & Swatches

While my eyeliners were starting to move, my foundation face was still on and strong. In terms of oil-controlling , well, it's struggling. But the impressive thing is, this foundation does not disintegrate even after I let my face become an oily mess. It doesn't break down even under profuse sweating, humidity, or rain and tears. I have to say it's one of the best waterproof foundations I've tried to date. As for hydration , I don't think it necessarily adds any extra hydration to my face but that might be because my skin gets so oily easily nowadays by default so I've never felt dryness regardless of what I use.

Even after a really long work day, my skin still feels weightless without ever appearing cakey, patchy, or dry. If that's not convincing enough, how about transfer-proof? Yeah, if you rub your face harshly with a tissue it will probably come off a little but for everyday activities, it stays on the face, and only on the face.

No transferring onto clothes, or fingers, or phone, or whatever that touches your skin. Now for those whose skin is acne-prone , you'll be happy to hear that this foundation hasn't caused me breakouts whatsoever and I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin! The last thing to discuss is price.

While this may look like such a small tube for the price tag, you have to consider that you only need so little per application. I have a feeling this tube is going to last me a really long time! Apologies for the long essay here but I just wanted to include as much details as possible so that you can make the best informed decision. I personally think that this foundation is worthy of every praise. It doesn't control oil like a champ but it certainly excels at everything else. But, shade match could be a problem, as I am NCish, if it oxidizes so much on skin NC42 will be too dark.

It might not be so bad after all, Eesha. In a recent YouTube video, I asked the readers of The Beautiful Truth, to recommend a good budget foundation for me to try. Again and again, people kept recommending the Rimmel Lashing finish 25 hour foundation. Not to be rude, I of course had to try it and picked up the both the lasting finish 25 hour nude and the original red bottled Lasting finish 25 hour with comfort serum. Having given both a try, I have found that I have reached for the Lasting finish nude the white topped one a lot more over the original, as I found it far more comfortable for my skin than the….

I am a little late to the Armani foundation party.

You’ve got options!

Armani are well known for having beautiful foundations and have a range of products to suit every skin type. Maestro comes in 12 different shades. Ranging from very pale no 2 right up to a dark With the half shades being a little more on the yellow side than the full shade. I wear 6. The hunt for the Holy grail foundation is an ongoing hunt for many people and to make the hunt even harder our skin is constantly changing. Just when you find a foundation that you love, your skin begins to act up and the hunt begins all over again.

I often get emails from people asking me to recommend a foundation for them. It is probably the most asked question in the beauty world, so I decided to go to my foundation drawer, yes the hunt has been a long one so I have a drawer, and pick out my favourite foundations.

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  7. MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Review & Swatches.

There is sure to be a foundation in this…. Who knew makeup could be so controversial. The complaints most people had was how it wore on the skin. Many found that it slid off their face throughout the day, or it went patchy. For the past month I have been wearing the Perfectionist foundation, and the beauty of this foundation really catches my breathe every time I wear it. Perfectionist is every thing I could want in a foundation and more. It is easy to apply, looks like velvet on the skin, lasts all day and makes your face look luminous.

Have you ever gone into a Mac store and wanted to make a purchase but been completely overwhelmed by all the products? With so many products to pick from, it is hard to know exactly what is worth parting with your cash for. To help you treat yourself to something special, I have picked out my top 5 products. I promise to get one of those up soon!! I wanted to love this so much! I tried applying it so many different ways and with different bases and always looked awful after a few hours.

Glad your getting on with it though — looks really well in the photos x. Great review. So glad that I am not the only one who has products that work one day, but not the other depending on what is happening with their skin. MAC can be very hit and miss. It is light enough of a consistency that I would use it for everyday less done up use, but it is a bit pricey for my budget these days to use it everyday.

N18 more This is my current foundation, i have very dry skin so it is very nourishing and looks dewy which I love! It has this glow about it and makes my skin look flawless, will probably stay with this foundation. March 23, , I love this foundation!

Color match

I use them both for show make up and they last me through 2 shows a night through sweat. I set the foundation with M. C Cosmetics Set Powder. Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2. April 9, , 2: NC20 more This product was like heaven sent to my face. I have oily yet dry skin, with some lovely huge pores that just love welcoming in all the crud. I used an ulta primer pore minimizer but wish I would have used something different. Other then that the wear of this Mac foundation and unbelievable!

It is medium to full coverage. A little goes a long way.

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Happy shopping ladies. Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5. NC30 more I have always wanted to try a MAC foundation. I have purchased and got hooked on their lipsticks when I got into makeup a little over two years ago but never ventured out to their other products mainly bc of the MAC counter and only one person always working. Now that we have a full MAC inside our brand new Ulta I have purchased foundation and concealer and palettes and more lippies. Ok the foundation is full-coverage and it applies so nicely with a brush or a sponge which I always prefer my Artis brushes.

It is definitely long-wearing and did not crease with me. I would definitely recommend to those who are not cruelty-free and I will definitely repurchase!! Dry Mature. NC42, NC15 more Only drawback was the expensiveness of the foundation. It worked as it stated it would but left a matte finish and I was attempting a dewy look. It is long wearing and beautiful.

It did have good coverage but I would call it Medium coverage that can be built up to Full.

Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation - MAC Cosmetics | Sephora

I have oily skin and even with my favorite matte primer my face would be oily within an hour. I tried different setting powders and primers with it but I would still become an oily mess. Once i started getting oily the foundation would eventually separate and look patchy. Oily Combination Sensitive. Who loves this foundation?

Farha B. I love this foundation. I really want to try this foundation and was wondering if anyone has used it before?

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation First Impressions Review

How well would it cover redness and give an overall even skin tone? Also do you need to wear a concealer on top of this? Momo N.